All Star Cheer Teams

SPEED ATHLETICS ALL-STAR CHEER teams reach for excellence.

We believe that “reaching for excellence” describes a desire to go higher with whatever it is that you do.  In any situation that you aspire for excellence, you’re reaching for a little better part of yourself than you expressed the last time.  Reaching implies that an athlete definitively wants to do what it is that she’s doing.  You reach and you pull yourself up because you want to. Then you reach again for what’s next. Each time going a little higher, being a little more excellent. Each day we ask our teams and members to not only get up to do whatever it is that they do, but try to do it a little better than they did the last time. This is not without its challenges.  We do our best to provide an atmosphere where the psyche is behind it and the athlete is inspired.


YEP! There is a team for EVERYONE!

Speed Athletics offers ALL-STAR Cheer team options in both year-round as well as half-year formats.  We also offer both “regional” and “national” teams in every age group.  Our team members range in age from 2-18 years old.  Our team members range in experience from BEGINNING to ADVANCE.  It is not necessary to have previous experience for team placement.


Hey I’m an All-Star!

Each team’s practice schedule is established at the beginning of the season generally remains the same all year long. This allows our athletes to be involved in other sports and school activities, plan study time and vacations, and know when they have FREE time.

Our competition schedule WILL be set by tryouts this season. You will know what weekends are CHEER weekends and what weekends are YOURS!

We appreciate that communication with our athletes and families is high priority. Our brand new, user-friendly website and bulletin boards will be updated regularly and e-mails sent out weekly. In addition, we are implementing a monthly progress report program to keep everyone accountable.  Outside of the normal communication, if you ever have a question just e-mail or text us and someone will respond quickly with an answer.

Our team members will attend All-Star camp taught by the entire staff, choreography camp, pre-planned team bonding activities, and holiday parties.  Team members will also be paired up this season with a Big/Little Sis.  Our program has always provided and will continue to provide a top notch environment for athletes to develop friendships that last a LIFETIME!

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Personal athletic and character development are paramount at Speed Athletics.  We know that winning at the cost of development isn’t winning at all.  With this program philosophy we build and teach our teams accordingly to always strive for “what’s next.”

Our athletes are trained in cheer, dance, tumbling and stunting, and they are pushed to excel.  Your child will develop in so many different areas and gain a very strong work ethic.

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While growth and development of our members is our top priority, a byproduct is that our teams are extremely competitive and successful.  Out of the ten competitions the Speed teams attended this past season alone, they attended an unprecedented eight national championship events.  In addition to the national championships, teams won such accolades as all around/level champions, event grand championships, most Entertaining & Best Choreography awards.  Wherever you go you will be proud to be a part of Speed Athletics.

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We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the Speed Athletics Family.  Please take a moment to enter your name and email address into the box in the upper right hand of this page so we can share some of our great products with you.

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